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About Us

Yesup Micro Inc. is an established Canadian company, specializing in the distribution of computer products and consumer electronic products and the production of personal & server computers via our reseller channels.

Yesup Micro Inc. has built a strong and dynamic organization by focusing on quality products and services, business partnerships, and customer satisfaction.Yesup Micro Inc.’s assembly division comprises of specialized PC system and server production, integration, and custom configuration services.

Yesup Micro Inc is a sub-division of Yesup Ecommerce Solutions inc. YesUp was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 under the name YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. Headquartered in the city of Toronto, Yesup and its group of companies is continually diversifying its product and service mix to meet the ever-changing Reseller market demand and development.